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Joy Scholar

for Full-time Students
$45.00Starting From
    • Includes: T1 General form, employment income, Tuition Tax Credit
    • GST/HST, Provincial Benefits and CAIP Benefit Application for Newcomers
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Joy Beginner

for Newcomers
$70.00Starting From
  • Comprehensive tax assistance for newcomers to Canada including guidance on deductions, credits, and residency status:
  • GST/HST, Provincial Benefits and CAIP Benefit Application
  • Year-Round Availability*
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Joy Mastery

Standard Tax Solution
$75.00Starting From
  • T1 General form, employment income, RRSP contributions, basic deductions, and credits
  • Year-Round Availability*
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Joy Supreme

Complex tax solutions
$100.00Starting From
    • Includes: Rental income, investment income, self-employment income, foreign income, multiple deductions, and credits
    • GST/HST and Provincial Sales Tax filings.
    • Year-Round Availability*
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Joy Prestige

Small business Corporations
$450.00Starting From
    • Includes: T2 Corporation tax return, GST/HST filings, financial statements, bookkeeping assistance, deductions, and credits for small business owners
    • Year-Round Availability *
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Tax Professional

Augustine Joy

With a strong foundation in tax and finance, Augustine has established himself as a knowledgeable consultant across Canada, known for his analytical skills and integrity in navigating complex financial landscapes.

  • Business Diploma in Accounting
    Institution: Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Canada
    Year of Graduation: 2015

Professional Achievements
  • Tax Professional at H&R Block
    Duration: 2015 – 2020
    Responsibilities: Tax consultation, preparation, and ensuring compliance with tax laws.

  • Collections and Enforcement Officer, Government of Saskatchewan
    Duration: 2020 – 2022
    Responsibilities: Managing collections, enforcing tax compliance, and resolving outstanding liabilities.

  • Auditor, Government of Saskatchewan
    Duration: 2022 – 2023
    Responsibilities: Conducting financial audits, ensuring adherence to standards, and identifying discrepancies.

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Other Services:

  1. Business Consultation and Planning: –
    • Business Incorporation and setup with Initial 30-minute Consultation.
    • Personal Tax planning, advisory, retirement planning, and other personalized services.
  2. Audit Representations: This is often charged on an hourly or flat rate basis, depending on the level of expertise required and the complexity of the audit.
  3. Additional Services
    • Late filing assistance
    • Amended returns.
    • For unique cases, consultations, or handling complicated tax issues, you might charge an hourly rate, or a flat fee based on the estimated time and complexity involved.
  4. Peace of Mind: Have one of our experts beside you from the moment you receive a CRA assessment or audit, helping you through the process.

      • Free Second Look: We’ll review your past year’s return looking for money that others may have missed.

    Peace of Mind can be added to any kind of personal tax return with an extra $30 per year!